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Frock Box Favourites
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Favourites is an excellent choice if you find it challenging to find pieces to fit your shape, want to expand your wardrobe with unique pieces, prefer the option of trying on before buying, don’t love the surprise factor or prefer to avoid the mall.

Every month, you’ll receive individually priced items selected just for you to try on. Keep what you want and return the rest! Based on your style profile, your stylist will select five unique pieces that will help build a great wardrobe with on-trend, exciting pieces! You may receive a cardigan, tunic, top, pants and a dress dependent on your preferences and requests. The subscription fee is $24.95 with free return shipping. Your bag will include five clothing items, a return postage label and your invoice which will note the costs. Typical clothing prices range from $34-$69/piece. When your returns are received, your credit card will be charged for any items you keep (+GST). Keep one or more items and your subscription fee of $24.95 is deducted from the total. Love everything in your box? Keep it all and receive 25% off the total bill.

Frockbox Jewel
Free Shipping
Receive one handmade piece of jewelry or accessory by a Canadian Designer. Support amazing local entrepreneurs while expanding your accessory collection at an affordable price!
Frock Box Gold
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Gold Boxes are outfit based and designed for someone who could use a hand putting pieces together. Every month is a surprise, so if you enjoy feeling like a kid at Christmas, then give this a try. Complete your style profile and wait for your stylist to surprise you with an outfit delivered to your door. Outfits vary depending on season, monthly theme, past pieces, and style profile. An outfit may include a top & bottom, top & cardigan, or dress. You will typically receive 1-2 clothing pieces and 1 accessory (unless you chose not to receive jewelry in your style profile).

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